ICE can offer a range of design prototyping, drafting and manufacturing consultancy services.


We use the latest computer aided design software to suit your product requirements.


We can manufacture prototypes in-house, and have strategic partnerships with larger-scale manufacturing facilities.

Welcome to Innovative Concepts Engineering

ICE Group is a complete Design House that specialise in unique creative endeavours and prototypes.

With over fifty years of combined experience in design, drafting, engineering, electrical and manufacturing processes, ICE promises to deliver you a complete package.

From concept to reality and we can cover every step in between if required.

We are as much problem solvers as innovators, engineers as artists.

Our Services

ICE Group has the in-house facilities to perform a variety of machining, milling and turning manufacturing for general prototyping.

We use the latest computer aided design software (Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Electrical, AutoCAD) and custom develop, engineer and fabricate to suit your product requirements.

We can also arrange for high quality images of 3D models to 2D drafting documentation imagery upon request.

We have strategic partnerships with many local Brisbane manufacturing companies, with access to a variety of large-scale machining and manufacturing equipment when required.